Friday, April 18, 2014

Those important moments...

I once knew an abstract artist who reportedly contemplated for days on how to start a painting. His paintings were on approximately 8 inch by 11 inch canvases, and he made comma-like marks about 1/8 inch high with a "0" or even a "00" brush. I don't know the importance of making a mark for him, but I understand the difficulty of getting starting at the moment.

I want to use this blog to explore aesthetics for the artisan and user of utilitarian crafts, particularly using every day aesthetics as a starting mark. And I want to have a back and forth discussion here with people effected by relationship with an object that lends itself to a personal interpretation.

For example, my father left me two antique clocks given to him by his cousin, Lily. Lily's husband was an actor back when actors use to travel town to town and put on plays. They also owned a ranch in Wyoming long before indoor plumbing, so I feel a connection to the stories these clocks carry with them. Every once in a while I have a special moment looking at those clocks and remembering stories about my ancestors.

The starting mark for this discussion is some general parameters about everyday aesthetics:

  • The meaning of the word "aesthetics" can be traced back through French and German to the Greek language. It translates into "to feel or to perceive." It is about experiencing one's world through the senses.
  • It is not about how cultivated one's tastes are or about the philosophy of art.
  • Everyday aesthetics is available to everyone and the satisfaction received may bring satisfaction to one's life.
  • It is about being attentive the flow of one's life as it is symbolized through objects or particular experiences.

That is a scant starting point but I hope you join in, and this study of everyday aesthetics evolves substantially into a niche in a fast and sometimes turbulent world. Please add your thoughts.